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Welcome to La Florida Development Group

We design communities that blend into the landscape and respect the historic and cultural heritage of the land. For example, ranch and farm property uses architecture modeled after traditional ranch and farm home, giving house design, giving the community the “look and feel” of a traditional Florida ranch or farm. Only vegetation native to the area is used for landscaping.

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Critical Land Acquisition

For the purpose of regeneration and habitat and wildlife restoration.

Working under the “90/10” principle, we donate 90% of the land acquired to our non-profit, Renew Florida, to be managed for regeneration and restoration purposes in collaboration with our non-profit and public sector partners. The other 10% is developed into Regenerative Communities. These are low impact, high density, walkable, pedestrian friendly mixed-use communities powered by solar energy and serviced by a resilient buried water, wastewater and electric infrastructure. Where agricultural businesses share the land with us, every effort is made to work with the business owners to sustain their activities and preserve their economic benefits to the state and carry their important cultural heritage into the future.

Contributing to Regeneration

A portion of all net revenue generated by the sale of homes and retail space in the Regenerative Community will perpetually be donated to Renew Florida 501(c)(3) for land management and wetland restoration purposes. We encourage the active participation of community members in the conservation stewardship and restoration of the adjacent non-profit managed land through educational programs, volunteer opportunities and financial contributions to restoration projects. 

La Florida Development Group, LLC

4850 Tamiami Trail N, Unit 301, Naples, FL 34103

Tel (239) 837-8757

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