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About Us

Our Team is Uniquely Positioned to Make a Difference 

La Florida Development Group was established with a purpose of saving the Everglades and through the development of Regenerative Communities, which will serve as guardians in the regeneration and restoration of the environment. We are focused on properties identified in the Florida Forever program and are dedicated to comprehensive solutions through collaboration with public, nonprofit and private entities.


Our Story

The Everglades problems have reached a crisis stage. The health, environmental and economic consequences of inaction are catastrophic. Some of our environmental and economic problems include water pollution, dying estuaries, loss of coral reefs, economic/tourism sustainability, endangered native fauna and flora, unsustainable development, habitat destruction, aquifer depletion and saltwater intrusion to name a few issues. The red tide/blue green algae is killing manatees, sea turtles, porpoises, pelicans, fish, seagrass and all sealife. 


By joining forces with extraordinary public, nonprofit and private partners from around the world, we are taking a lead in the effort to guarantee a healthy future for Florida.

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